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    MISO BIM Yearly Subscription

    Subscribe today and get access to unlimited MISO BIM courses. Low monthly cost! Finally Revit education is affordable for all! Learn Revit for Interior Designers today and DESIGN YOUR WAY FORWARD. MISO BIM is an online educational learning program. We deliver the highest level of expertise in Revit software in a fun, fast paced and efficient way. Our program helps our students the design industry’s leading experts in their field. We specialize by instructing valuable lessons in “bite-size” lectures so users can immediately apply their skills in real life situations. [add_to_cart id="99"]

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  • Sale! Revit Families

    Casework Families #1

    For  low price make your drafting work a lot easier with this savvy and smart set of parametric casework. Easily design a kitchen and stretch the cabinets to any height or width as well as render in modern cool materials. You can change the doors to single or double. Glass or solid wood. Our parametric families are flexible to help interior designers be effective with an all-in-one family of parts.  

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  • Revit Detail Library Cover

    Detail Library

    Detail Library used for detailing sections, elevations and detail drawings. Download the zip for FREE! Revit 2015 file…use 2015 or any newer version!

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  • MISO BIM Lounge Chair - 3D View - {3D}

    Free Revit Families #1

    Bundle of Revit 2015 families like chairs, plants, drapes, TV and more! Families work in Revit 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018!!!

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  • Revit for Interiors

    Modeling In Revit For Interiors 101

    Saturday  September 16,2017 at 1pm MISO BIM Master level teacher Kyle Benedict will be teaching how to model in Revit for Interior Designers. This webinar will teach you how to model in Revit at a basic level. By the end of the webinar you will learn how to model a basic piece of furniture. Only 20 seats available DESIGN YOUR WAY FORWARD

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  • Revit Rendering

    Rendering in Revit for Interiors 101

    September 20, 2017 at 6:00 pm EST  Don't listen to people that say Revit is not a Rendering tool. You CAN render in Revit. Let Revit be one more rendering tool you can use to communicate your ideas to your client.  Learn how to make Revit an all-in-one system for you team today! 

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  • Sale! MISO BIM Bar Stool Back rest materials

    Seat Family (15 Families)

    15 Revit 2015 Seating Families (can open with any version after 2015 too!) Fully parametric, Includes modern trend setting fabric options for rendering, and much more

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